OMNİ A.Ş. offers innovative and permanent solutions in Restaurant Automation.

OMNİ A.Ş. is one of the leading brands of POS solutions and celebrates its twentieth year in the sector. The company has been offering specially designed POS automation and back office solutions for the leading establishments of food and drink sectors such as restaurant, fast food, brasserie, coffee chains, club, association, school canteens for twenty years. The company which has a very wide reference list as a result of the leading, reliable and permanent solutions it has created until today, is properly proud of it.

OMNİ A.Ş. General Manager Fırat ERTAN emphasizes the extensive knowledge accumulation of the company and states that all members of the team from sales to support, from software to maintenance have known the sector very well for long years and serve their customers with a reliable and wide knowledge.

Fırat ERTAN states that it is a company which continuously renews itself, offers updated solutions and targets ultimate customer satisfaction besides being the leader of the restaurant industry automation for 20 years with its strong and reliable structure and says; ”We arerealizing important activities in order to bring the latest technology products to Turkey. With the strength of our new products which made their mark both in the world and in our country with their supreme technological features, our experience resulting from many years, our difference in service and quality, we will continue our services by growing even more in 2016.”.

OMNİ is one of the first brands that come to minds in the automation solutions for hospitality sector.

Operators may manage the system easily with Omni POS Systems restaurant programs, control the business process correctly with its reliable infrastructure, realize a better quality production with less manpower. OMNİ is able to increase customer satisfaction and total efficiency of the establishment with the restaurant program and offers a real restaurant automation by realizing automatic data transfer to the management.

Vectron System AG which is the greatest integrated system producer of the world’s POS market and is consistently followed due to its innovative technology, is represented in the Turkish market by Omni A.Ş. The company continues its successful applications in the sector since 1996 as the exclusive representative of Vectron in Turkey, Cyprus, Turkic Republics and Middle East..

Posted on 03 May 2016 in News

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