In Nişantaşi, the most prestigious point of Istanbul, numerous select enterprises such as Biber Bar, Cento Per Cento, Chocolate, Kavaklıdere Boutique Nişantaşı, Kırkpınar – City’s, Midpoint, Nişantaşı Brasserie, Park Şamdan, Pipa, Salomanje, Sess Night Club, The House Cafe Nişantaşı, The House Cafe, Teşvikiye Corner, Zamane Kahvesi, Pelit, Teşvikiye Mis, The Bar, Burger Hood, Gedikli, MOC, Welldone, Grandma upgrade their service quality and performance with Omni Vectron POS systems, the reliable brand of the world and Turkey..

If you ask all these important brands why they prefer Omni Vectron, the enterprise owners are stating that Vectron is an integrated, and reliable system, it does not require additional investments over the years, its stationary and handheld terminals support fast and high-quality service, and the confidence they have thanks to Omni’s high-quality support service continuing for years.

The enterprise owners are also emphasizing that they have earned their customers’ trust thanks to Omni Vectron POS system, increased revenue per customer with fast and proper service, minimized the time spent in the office and the personnel costs, and that they can take strategic decisions on time by foreseeing the future as a company.

Omni General Manager Fırat Ertan said, “We give the enterprises stock-, sales- and cost-related services through our systems we have designed specifically to meet the increasing and diversifying needs of the food & drink sector that has been growing rapidly in recent years. We are proud of walking side by side with these valuable names presenting the flavor guarantee of Nişantaşi, blended with high-quality service, to their customers with the same excitement for years.”

Posted on 20 October 2015 in News

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