Restaurant Chains Manage Their Projects in Asia with Omni Vectron


Among the famous restaurant chains of Turkey, Günaydın and Midpoint preferred Omni Vectron POS Systems in their branches launched in Azerbeijan. When asked why they preferred Omni Vectron POS Systems, the business owners indicate that Vectron is embedded and thus a safe system, does not require further investment, helps you provide fast and quality service and gives confidence thanks to its quality support services provided for long years.

In 1999, Omni A.Ş. assumed the main distributorship of German-origin Vectron AG, which is the biggest embedded system producer of international POS market, in Turkey, Cyprus, Turkic Republics and many countries in the Middle East. Omni A.Ş. continues to gain more strength day after day by signing projects with the leader companies of catering sector.

Omni presents Vectron, which has been designed specially for the need of restaurants, as a complete solution including both software and hardware. The complete solution grants remarkable advantages for Vectron users with regard to the development of the program. Therefore, Vectron users can use the same technology for many years without any requirement of upgrade. Vectron System, which can be easily used by everyone who is literate, comes with multiple hardware types. Obtaining high customer satisfaction with regard to service quality and assurance, Omni achieves this success with its 365 days / 24 hours continuous after-sales support service provided by its widespread service network and experienced technical staff.

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Posted on 20 February 2015 in News

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