Secure Embedded POS System OMNI Vectron


In recent years, tens of thousands of organizations worldwide have been attacked by the ransomware called ‘WannaCry’. This malicius software exploits security gaps and takes a very big toll by copying itself and encrypting important files in your computer. Then, people who have sent the virus contact you and bargain for a ransom to give your files back.

Along with the developing technology, more and more devices, applications and people are included in the system and this significantly increases the security risks in technological devices. POS systems are also at serious security risk, as the hackers exploit the security gaps by connecting to the Microsoft operating systems remotely.

Today, it is possible to preclude sophisticated attacks and prevent the internal and external threats to the network security at short notice by embedded POS systems. 

Security in Omni Embedded POS System  

Its Linux-based embedded structure makes Omni POS System secure and inaccessible by separating it from the systems running on PC. Thus, all security precautions are maximized.

Omni Vectron Systems, which is the biggest embedded POS system producer in the global POS market, provides maximum security as it is a fast-working and embedded system, and creates a superior level security environment by preventing intentional/unintentional leakages. The fact that the Vectron products are under warranty for 5 years while all PC-based POS Systems in the market give maximum 2 years of warranty is part of the trust put in these systems.

Posted on 07 June 2017 in News

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