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There is table service. Traditional cashiers are common here. The products are sold as meat or fish in pieces or kilograms. The production speed of the food and their synchronization with other products are very important. Delivery to houses is very common and you need to keep track of many houses and shops in the vicinity. To keep tabs is obligatory where there is alcoholic beverages service. The places are large and it is important to receive the order of the customer fast.


  • - Develi Kebap
  • - Gelik
  • - Namlı
  • - Uludağ
  • - Hacıbey


There are both counters and table service in patisseries. Sale by kilograms on the counter is possible. The service should generally be fast, because more than one customer may have queued up. Keeping track of the customers shopping from different counters in the shop is important. Table transfer or separating/combining tables are very common where there is table service. There is also delivery to houses and shops and you need to keep track of many houses and shops in the vicinity.


  • - Pelit
  • - Özsüt
  • - Bağ Pastanesi
  • - Görgülü Pastaneleri
  • - Venüs


They can be in shops working on self-service base or in places where coffee is served to the tables or sold in packages. The product is sold on the counter with barcode and on kilogram basis. The speed of the cashier is important where there is self-service. The selling spots are not usually that big, so it is very important not to let the customers queue up. It is also possible to sell coffee mugs or coffee machines in addition to food & beverage. The main center decides the price changes, promotion etc. in places which work on chain store basis.


  • - Lavazza
  • - Robert’s Coffee
  • - Douwe Egberts
  • - Gloria Jean’s Coffee – KKTC
  • - Zamane Kahvesi


Orders are taken on table or even chair basis. Bars are possible. Waiters can receive the payment of the tabs on the table or there may be cashiers. Detailed reports on the user (waiter) basis are important. “Happy hour” applications are common in bars. Taking the first drink in the bar and then sitting on a table or transfer or separating/combining among the tables is very common


  • - The House Cafe
  • - Sunset
  • - Midpoint
  • - Papermoon
  • - Nişantaşı Brasserie


There is sale on the counters. Generally, there are more than one cashiers or counters. The number one priority in fast food is being “fast”. It is very important that the cashiers are able to serve more than one customers at a time. There are promotion packages and central management is important. To avoid wrong orders and order cancels due to being fast really matters. There are combo menus and customers are directed to an upper menu. Production speed and line in the kitchen and at the front desk are very important.


  • - Simit Sarayı
  • - Etiler Marmaris Büfe
  • - Atom Tost
  • - Kırkpınar Lokantası
  • - Sait Efendi


There is both counter sale and table service in hotels, clubs, societies, school canteens etc. The product is sold on the counter with barcode and on fast food style. Service should be very fast, because more than one customer may wait on the queue. Because the service is very fast, it is very important to avoid mistakes in receiving orders and order cancels. Member tracking and special offers and promotions to members are very important in clubs or societies. Member card system can be used for member tracking. Central administration and inspection is important.


  • - Ramada Encore İstanbul Airport
  • - Beykent Üniversitesi
  • - ATM Dalaman Airport
  • - Sortie
  • - Borusan

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