Software/Hardware and Service Customized For The Sector (Restaurant, Fast Food, Pastry Shop, Cafe Chain, Hotel, Night Club, Association, School Canteen, etc.)

Both a Software and Hardware company

Secure and Integrated POS System structure

Very easy use for waiters and cashiers

Unlimited store management equipped with very strong, open database for chain stores

Integration with all kinds of Back Office Programs like Stock Control and Accounting

Countless number of customers in Turkey, Cyprus, Turkic Republics and the Middle East

Sales and technical teams specialized in the restaurant sector

Telephone, modem and onsite support 24 hours a day & 365 days a year

Software and hardware of Vectron smart POS systems, product of German technology, which have been used by more than 200,000 enterprises all over the world since 1996

INTEGRATED SYSTEM: Software/Hardware Integrated Structure


• Long service life

• Long-lasting design not requiring additional equipment

• Less consumption of energy

• Structure protected against external factors like viruses

• Professional control system against security gaps

• Design resistant to infrastructural problems


• Inability to operate another application on the same hardware

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