GRANDMA’s Story Continues with Omni Vectron POS Systems…

A story that finds life with Grandma’s bread…

Whether you like pastry or not, when you walk through the doors of GRANDMA, you cannot say no these tasty stuff donated the premises and  it’s also a cozy place to make you smile and warm your soul.

After the locations such as Nisantasi, Bebek, Etiler Akmerkez and Izmir Mavibahçe, GRANDMA’s new branch is Suadiye; It keeps the boutique approach with its preferred natural products blending in amazing tastes. Grandma’s founder Ceyda Kose has grown up with the stories of her grandmother’s bread making. The curiosity created by these stories constitutes her passion of bread through the years. In 2009, the first dough prepared by her starts the beginning of this journey. She also names the place as GRANDMA, in memoriam to her grandmother who is the inspiration for this journey. 

Various types of croissants, scone, bagel, doughnut, muffins, homemade jams, different vegetable dishes ranging every week and artisan coffee are just some of the delicacies offered at GRANDMA’s. Used flour; unadulterated natural flour, stone mill flour and organic flour. The yeast of sour yeast breads is their natural yeast that they have developed for many years. They do not blend any industrial flour mixtures, bread additives, chemicals or industrial-type artificial aromas into their products. GRANDMA manufactures all the products sold in their shops in their own factories, does not purchase any products that are semi-finished or manufactured, other than raw materials from their suppliers.

With the ease of preparing and selling all of its products, GRANDMA prefers Omni Vectron POS systems and has the convenience of having an automation system that works smoothly and confidently; also using Omni back office systems to provide centralized sales, stock and an effective management in the business with instant data monitoring.

GRANDMA’s growing as a place but still retains the warmth said the founder Ceyda KOSE and continued saying “In our growing structure, we needed a reliable and long-lasting POS automation system and we have chosen Omni Vectron POS Systems, since it is a fiscally approved and integrated system. Thanks to the system established by OMNI, we can perform our operations more quickly and securely. Omni’s professional sales and support teams were with us all the time and supported us about everything from the bidding stage to 7/24 post-installation support.”. adding they were happy to work with Omni.

Omni Vectron POS and web-based Back Office Systems provide many advantages, additional features and functionality for chain or complex businesses with multiple businesses and branches. Offering the German brand Vectron POS as the world’s most advanced, most reliable integrated system with its customized solutions, Omni maintains the title of the most preferred POS systems manufacturer with its experienced team and 7/24 technical support.