Omni in Champions League!

OMNI Writes a Success Story at Galatasaray Stadium

We continue to be a part of our customers’ success stories with the technology solutions we provide. One of these stories takes place in Galatasaray Stadium, one of the largest football stadiums in Turkey. More than 50 thousand enthusiastic fans are hosted at Galatasaray Stadium on match days, allowing them to enjoy a fascinating and energetic atmosphere. In this special place where the heart of football beats, intensity and excitement are always at their peak. ASRI GIDA, the food and beverage supplier of Galatasaray Stadium, carries out both buffet and catering organizations, food and beverage services with a performance and reliability at the Champions League level, thanks to our leading technology solutions. Assistant General Manager Sinan Erdoğan summarizes the advantages we offer in this operation, which may require serving thousands of customers in just a few hours, as follows:

 “Especially on extremely busy and exciting competition days, operation speed is of vital importance to us. OMNI’s fast and safe payment methods, allow orders to be taken and prepared quickly, thus allowing customers to be served faster, reducing waiting times.

As a result, our business’s operations become  more efficient and fans excited about the match get to spend a pleasant day at the Stadium. Because of the effective solutions they offer, we prefer OMNI POS Systems.”


With the solutions offered by OMNI, ASRI GIDA hosts football fans at the highest standards at Galatasaray Stadium.


Asrı Gıda Deputy General Manager Sinan Erdogan

Providing Service That Doesn’t Compromise on Quality

 OMNI POS Systems enables the company to manage critical business processes; such as stock tracking, cost estimation and identifying product differences, effectively and accurately. Thus, business efficiency is maintained and customer satisfaction is maximized. At the same time, ASRI Gida’s mission is to constantly raise the quality of the food and beverage sector by providing personnel and food safety trainings, while prioritizing customer trust and satisfaction. By fully implementing the ISO 22000 quality assurance system, it fulfills national and international quality standards.

We Make a Difference in Your Business with Our Products and Services

With our superior service approach and the technological solutions we offer, we enable businesses to have confidence in their future. Our solutions that facilitate the operations in your business thanks to advanced technology, help leaving your customers satisfied. Thanks to its sector-specific systems and scalable structures, we provide special solutions for all businesses.

As OMNI, we are always there for your business with our perfect customer support.

Towards a Brighter Future Together

As OMNI, we believe that we can write the same success story for your business and offer special solutions for your industry. To prepare for tomorrow’s competitive conditions and discover what we can do for you, contact us today.