Omni-Vectron in Caribou Coffee Kayseri!

The Kayseri branch of Caribou Coffee, America’s second largest coffee chain, opted for Omni-Vectron

Omni-Vectron POS Touch, which provides ease of use with its user-friendly software, powerful hardware specially produced for the sector ensures that the restaurant operations of Caribou Coffee Kayseri Branch are carried out with zero error.

Caribou Coffee Kayseri Business Partner, Mr. Mikail Önal Tells About Omni-Vectron;

Business Partner Mikail Önal conveys the story of Caribou Coffee Kayseri meeting with OMNI as follows:

“OMNİ A.Ş. is one of the oldest and most reliable companies in the sector and our story of meeting OMNI dates to 15 years ago. We started to use the Omni-Vectron POS System in Kayseri Mc Donald’s, which we undertook years ago. When we consider the technology of 15 years ago, Omni-Vectron was offering a much more innovative and modern service compared to its competitors. Today, while researching the POS System options for Caribou Coffee Kayseri, we realized that even after years, OMNI continues to offer its users the most innovative, strongest and most modern systems. Therefore, we decided again on Omni-Vectron without hesitation. In addition to the Omni-Vectron POS system, we started to use NovaStock and NovaLook from Nova Back Office Suites. NovaStock enables the product sales information of our business to be deducted automatically from the material stocks and automates the stock management. NovaLook is a web-based reporting program. Everywhere I connect to the internet, I can see the sales, turnover and stock reports of my business on my mobile phone; I can prepare the reports I want within minutes. I gladly use Omni-Vectron POS Systems in my businesses and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who researches POS Automation systems for their business. “