Cafes are the most important recreation and socializing venues for modern city people. These Cafeswhere people breathe, have different concepts and so different needs as well.
In night clubs with large and vibrant areas, it is necessary to have some experience and good infrastructure in order to serve customers quickly in difficult conditions. The bar and the tables at these venues must quickly act for account exchanges and a waiter must be able to take care of a few customers at the same time. In order to ensure that all services are delivered quickly and without error, you must have an effective infrastructure.

Hardware features, as much as infrastructure, are also important in nightclubs. By the nature of the clubs, waiters work in a dark environment. Illuminated touch screens make it easy for waiters to perform customer operations.

Order Flow

  • Easy to use with modern user interface
  • Seamless order transfer to the kitchen
  • Fast sales and order customization

Optional Payment Tools

  • Split orders by people
  • Diversification with different payment methods
  • ÖKC Integrations
  • Improved customer experience

Sales Control

  • Get to know your best selling products
  • View your instant turnover
  • Track open orders, closed orders
  • Get your sales turnover report by item at the end of the day
  • Easily track your stocks

Omni Inc. understands the expectations of nightclubs and we installed all the automation systems in the venues such as Sess, Ruby, Gunay, Sortie and Fly inn Beach Club those satisfy their customers and they are all in the top-place-to-be list for fun.