Night Club

Clubs, with their lively customers,are fast moving venues. The waiters and cashiers need to work quickly and flawlessly. Many potential problems can be avoided due to good infrastructure in these places where there is a high variety of intra-space traffic and service diversity.


Order Flow

  • Easy to use with modern user interface
  • Seamless order transfer to the kitchen
  • Fast sales and order customization

Optional Payment Tools

  • Split orders by people
  • Diversification with different payment methods
  • ÖKC Integrations
  • Improved customer experience

Sales Control

  • Get to know your best selling products
  • View your instant turnover
  • Track open orders, closed orders
  • Get your sales turnover report by item at the end of the day
  • Easily track your stocks

Omni Inc.was closely interested in the needs of our business and we started using the Vectron – Vario POS system and the NovaStock infrastructure they have presented to us. Thanks to Vectron, we can get our orders much safer and much easier. Thanks to NovaStock, we have full control over our stocks;so, we can control our costs by making our purchases much smarter. The support that Omni Inc.provided usthroughout all this process was very important for us.