International Cuisine

If you are a business owner serving International cuisine, you know that your customers choose your business not only for your meals but also for the restaurant experience you offer. The first condition to offer a seamless restaurant experience to your customers is to work with a good restaurant system infrastructure.

The expectations of food enthusiasts who want to try international cuisine are high. They expect the best level of flavor and service at the restaurant they go to. It is the first condition of success to have a restaurant that works smoothly to satisfy gourmets, not only satisfy the appetite, but to experience a meal.

It is not wrong to say that restaurants serving international cuisine are quite lively places. They are a meeting point also where customers are accommodated at the tables and bars. Customers starting at the bar, are then taken to the tables through the evening. Customers who coincidentally meet with friends in the venue come with requests like joining their desks. In some businesses, payments are taken from the cashier, while some are paid via waiters. All this mobility requires to have a system that can easily be mixed and matched, flexible and providing detailed reports.

Order Flow

  • Easy to use with modern user interface
  • Seamless order transfer to the kitchen
  • Fast sales and order customization

Optional Payment Tools

  • Split orders by people
  • Diversification with different payment methods
  • ÖKC Integrations
  • Improved customer experience

Sales Control

  • Get to know your best selling products
  • View your instant turnover
  • Track open orders, closed orders
  • Get your sales turnover report by item at the end of the day
  • Easily track your stocks

Omni Inc. understands the expectations of restaurants serving international cuisine such as, The House Cafe, Midpoint, Papermoon, Nişantaşı Brasserie and La Scarpetta,the foremost ones to provide their unique quality and the customer satisfaction with the help of our full restaurant automation systems.