POS Touch 14″ Wide

It is a non-PC based, integrated structure, touchscreen, industry-specific fixed point of sale terminal that can be used in all food and beverage businesses and retail outlets.

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Standard Features

Fixed POS System with touch screen, software/hardware integrated

14″ (35.8 cm) TFT color, eye-level adjustable, splash-proof, scratch-resistant, wear-resistant, LED glass display

Stylish ergonomic design, ABS Plastic body

Easy to use with modern user interface

Secure login to the system with the user key

8 USB, 4 serial ports


10/100/100 BASE-T; Ethernet

Quiet operation with fanless cooling system, built-in speaker

Possibility to work between 0° C and 40° C

Average weight; 5.1kg

Optional Features

Customer display screen