Start Growing Your Business with bonVito Loyalty System

“Wouldn’t you want to start with zero cost to campaigns that industry giants spend millions on?”

You will visibly increase your customer loyalty with Omni’s product, bonVito.

If you want to get to know what’s going on in your stores wherever you are, and reach more regular customers and high sales, the solution is bonVito.

How so?

With bonVito, you can easily make promotional campaigns and apply them to the specific customer groups you want.

Even if you have more than one store, you can get results online immediately via a PC.

  • Converts POS system into an online marketing tool
  •  Easy to use with card or phone number
  • Special campaigns for each customer
  • Product based specific campaigns
  • Detailed campaign results analyses
  • Product and customer-based evaluations
  •  Excellent Online and Offline Vectron interface
  • Flexible and attractive priced models
  • Zero investment cost for Vectron users

And it’s easy to start using bonVito. Starting costs with Transaction model for Vectron users is “ 0 ”.

You may get more detailed information on bonVito loyalty system about subjects like digital stamp, coupon, direct discount, points collection, customer relationship management, table reservation, E-payment and customer card modules by calling 444 66 44.