Vectron MobilePro III POS

Easy to use, Heavy-Duty and Reliable

With Vectron MobilePro III POS , specially designed for restaurants and cafés that span a wide area, your employees will process orders more efficiently; Your customers won’t have to wait long for their orders and bills .

Easy to Use
Thanks to its easy-to-use and user-friendly interface, your employees will start using The MobilePro III POS system with ease.

Ergonomic Design
MobilePro III POS System is portable throughout the day thanks to its lightweight structure. It is also very handy with both touch and key input system.

The waterproof MobilePro III POS system is especially ideal for businesses with a garden, with its anodized aluminum and high-quality plastic materials. It is also resistant to both drops and scratches.

A Standalone System
You don’t need an extra access point with the MobilePro III POS system.; It can perform all the functions of a fixed system alone, has a RFID reader, WLAN and Bluetooth connectivity.