Zero Contact, Zero Risk!

Dear Business Partner; 

We take pride in introducing our new product, OmniDINER,  along with the measures taken within the scope of the global COVID-19 virus outbreak, which will help your business return to its regular operations during this recovery period!

This system which consists of 1 main module and 3 additional modules, is the smartest way to manage your business or takeaway orders! Moreover, it works integrated with Vectron and OmniPOS, all orders are automatically processed and reported in your POS system. 

Here are the modules of OmniDINER that you can use in your business: 

Web Order& QR E-Menu Module

It offers you a special website where you can receive your customers’ takeaway and take-out requests and payments directly without any 3rd party commission.If you have a website for your business, you can integrate the online ordering module into your website, and if you do not have a website, a website that is suitable for your corporate identity is prepared. With the QR E-menu in the same module, your dine-in customers do not contact with the physical menu anymore. They can easily reach the E-Menu with scanning the QR Code on the table via their smart phones and give orders. 

Order & Payment with QR Code at the Table Module

It enables you to serve in accordance with social distancing rules especially due to Covid- 19. Dine-in Guests can access your E-menu without downloading any applications, just by reading the QR code on their tables through their smart phone’s camera. They can place their orders either verbally with the help of waiters or via the system. Orders placed over the system are delivered directly first to Vectron and OmniPOS, then to the kitchen. Your customers also have the option to pay contactless on the same screen. 

Mobile Application Module 

You can add prestige to your brand by having an iOS and Android based user-friendly mobile application including features such as online ordering, reservation, feedback and navigation. 

Loyalty Module 

With the help of this module, you can analyze your customers’ likes and preferences systematically. Thus, you can easily predict which customer will want to benefit from which campaign, and you can implement efficient campaigns. Get to know OmniDINER immediately and receive your business orders directly through the Web Order & QR E-menu and Mobile App. Get rid of the physical menu cost, make price updates and promotions instantly. Serve your customers who want to make their payment while submitting the order at the table through QR E-Menu Order & Payment at the Table. Organize effective campaigns with the Loyalty program provided by OmniDINER.