Bakeries are places where customer traffic is busy. If you own a bakery, you can keep your business under control and focus on growing your brand with peace of mind, thanks to a system that allows you to manage the heavy traffic in your business

Unlike restaurants, bakeries are buildings where customer traffic is more intense and procurement processes are more complex. In addition to the excess number of customers that need to be serviced during the day, the complex structure of the production process ensures that the systems used in bakeries are of vital importance.

In bakeries, customers are served on both the bench and the tables. Some products are sold by piece while some by weight. A customer sitting at the table for a cup of tea can order half a kilo of dry cake to take home when leaving your premises.

It is annoying for customers to wait for the cashier queue and queues can build up in front of the cash, especially during peak hours such as lunch breaks, rush hours and weekends. Therefore, keeping a ready-to-pay customer bill is of vital importance to avoid mishaps and customer dissatisfaction.

Order Flow

  • Easy to use with modern user interface
  • Seamless order transfer to the kitchen
  • Fast sales and order customization

Optional Payment Tools

  • Split orders by people
  • Diversification with different payment methods
  • ÖKC Integrations
  • Improved customer experience

Sales Control

  • Get to know your best selling products
  • View your instant turnover
  • Track open orders, closed orders
  • Get your sales turnover report by item at the end of the day
  • Easily track your stocks

Omni Inc. knows the expectations of bakeries and pastry shops such as Pelit bakeries, Haci Bozan Ogullari, Pak Bakery, Görgülü Bakeries and Venus Patisserie, the foremost ones. They also preferred our automation systems when they needed to offer their customers a fast and reliable service.