Vectron Commander

VCommander is a back-office software that you provide administration by connecting remotely to all your branches from the center. There are three main functionssuch as Centralized Management, Financial Reporting and Data Transfer. By Centralized Management you can centrally change menus and prices and send them to all Vectron POS terminals whileby Financial Reporting,can send or retrieve any reports manually or automatically in between the Headquarters and any Vectron point of sale terminals.Lastly, Data transfer allows you to send automatic data to Back Office programs such as Accounting, Stock Control, MS Excel, HTML or .txt format. It also produces consolidated reports that are most needed in chain enterprises.

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  • It creates a secure system by centralizing functions such as menu identification, staff identification and discount rates in chain operators.
  • In Chains, it accelerates businesses by combining individual processessaving a lot of time.Z reports are generated via two-way connection from all stores at night and it resets the point of sale terminals and activates the requested changes in the store.
  • Avoids possible errors in businesses.For example, it allows a discount to be applied in the business on the same day, same hour and same minute in each branch.
  • It allows users to only reach information that is within their own responsibilityand authority, and prevents unauthorized persons from reaching unnecessary information.
  • The chain allows to make timely and healthy decisions by ensuring that the central administration sees the way with more than 80 consolidated reportsfor the business. Allows the creation of custom reports based on user claims.
  • It enables enterprises to work efficiently thanks to full integration with the Logo, Link, Microsoft Axapta, Nebim, Netsis, SAP, etc. back-Office applications. Exports All sales information to the desired location IN MS Excel, HTML, txt formats.

Vectron POS Journal Report;

Vectron is an inquiry program developed to examine and report all movements carried out at the point of sale terminals according to different criteria. Vectron Commander is offered as an additional module to the central control system. The purpose of this module is to provide all the details, such as product details, waiter/cashier information, discount information, to every account opened through the cashier . It also allows you to query and filter by all these fields. This data can be imported into formats such as MS Excel, MS Word, Crystal Report, txt.


  • It gives you the opportunity to review all historical movements.
  • The system provides data, minute by minute, about:Cancellations, returns, and discounts, as well as when the authorized transactions are made by whom.
  • Extracts all movements of the requested product in the specified time intervals.
  • Lists the accounts in the criteria, such as the number of people, the total amount, the transfer amount, the opening-closing time and their contents. (For example, at lunchtime, you can see at which tables your cashier has canceled orders until 14:00, what time the tables were opened, what time the waiters were entering the products and with which causes the waiter had to cancel.)