NovaBOS (NovaBackOfficeSuites) programs produced for the needs of the restaurant industry are especially preferred by chain enterprises. The programs, which are web-based and can be accessed from any point with an internet connection, work even on PCs with minimal configuration, minimizing the cost of using the program.

NovaBOS; NovaStock, which monitors stocks on the basis of company-branch-revenue center-warehouse, NovaLook reporting sales and stocks, NovaCRM, which monitors promotions related to customers, NovaCall, which receives orders from a single point with call center logic and forwards them to stores, and NovaConnect, an interface program that integrates sales stock information into accounting programs consists of products.

NovaBOS programs, offered by Omni to the Turkish Restaurant Industry, enable managers to follow the data of their businesses from anywhere in the world, without any program training, thanks to its easy Web Interface. NovaBOS’ advanced authorization level system allows each person to only enter the region with permission and see the stores within their authorization level.

Omni offers software specially prepared for the needs of Restaurants, together with its hardware, as a complete solution. Being a complete solution provides Vectron users with significant advantages in the development of the program. In this way, Vectron users can use the same technology for many years without needing to renew it. It enables users to monitor their businesses’ data without any program training, and offers a variety of hardware with a single software. Achieving high customer satisfaction in terms of service quality and assurance, Omni achieves this success with its after-sales support service that it offers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, thanks to its extensive service network and experienced technical team.