Omni-Vectron POS


Software/Hardware integrated, fixed POS system


Software/Hardware integrated, fixed POS system


Software/Hardware integrated, fixed POS system


Windows based fixed POS terminal

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Why Omni-Vectron POS?

Founded in 1990, Vectron Systems AG is a German software and hardware company specializing in the production of smart POS systems. Vectron POS System is a secure design point of sale terminal suitable for food and beverage establishments, such as restaurants, fast-food, pastry shops, coffee chains, clubs, associations, school canteens etc., as well as chain food enterprises of all sizes.

The cashier/waiter opens an account and sends the orders to the kitchen, accurately, quickly and preciselyand thanks to this automation providing the business to be controlled.Cashier/waitercannot delete any order information when logged in with theVectron user key and Vectron provides a platform to avoid all conscious/unconscious leaks due to the inability to delete orders.


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Omni-Vectron POS

Software and Hardware Features

  • Hardware and software produced with German technology
  • The advantage of using multiple hardware with a single software in the same business
  • Onboard and PC-based system options
  • Smart Terminal: Stand-alone capability
  • Color, touch and 12”, 14″ and 15″ screen options according to terminal type
  • Possibility to use up to 200 terminals in the same business
  • Logging into the system with a smart user key and using all kinds of functions according to authorization levels
  • Printing the information of the sales products (Content, Recipe, Calorie calculation, etc.) to the screen, kitchen printer or ticket
  • Enter an order by seat number or name
  • Promotions, HappyHour etc. Automatically changing product prices in desired time zones
  • Opening more than one check at the same time in FastFood applications
  • Hour/ Day/ Month/ Year and Staff, Menu Item, Revenue etc. all kinds of detailed reports on the basis of
  • Waterproof, durable, special equipment specially produced for the restaurant industry
  • Package system and customer tracking modules
  • Very powerful, open database, VCommander Central Management Module for chain stores that manages unlimited stores
  • Quantity-based/weighted stock module
  • Database structure open to any brand back office integration
  • Integration with back office programs such as Stock Control and Accounting
  • Integration with the Customer Loyalty System
  • Scale/Barcode Scanner integration
  • USB Online BackUp “Instant Automatic Backup” in Terminals
  • Advanced table planning
  • Suitable for Table Service and Express Service
  • It is suitable for businesses that require a ticket with the feature of “Press the same ticket again”
    Personnel Entry-Exit control