Gerhard Schnitzer, Vectron System AG Area Sales Manager for Eastern Europe and Turkey: “Turkey is much faster than Europe!…”

We have made an interview in our office with Gerhard Schnitzer, Vectron System AG Area Sales Manager for Turkey, with regard to Vectron’s activities during his visit to Turkey.

Would you give us brief information on Vectron’s services and vision?

Vectron is a company following the needs and developments in the POS market continuously. This makes us quicker in seeing the needs in the market and taking the necessary actions. In the last decade, we have created professional, problem-free hardware and software solutions. In addition to the tablets designed for professionals, we have concentrated on software and made our Mobile POS APP and MY Vectron APP reporting products available to our customers. 
We have been trying to support our business partners like OMNI in the best way in the servicing side of the business. We work incessantly to enable the technical support teams to serve the end-users in the best way, thanks to continuous online and regional trainings, 24/7 online database supports of our technical team.

What are the most innovative and most demanded products of Vectron?   

With our products, it is possible to make everything as per the enterprises demands. The Mobile Ordering System Vectron APP, the Customer Loyalty System BonVito that includes the Online Table Reservation and Online Ordering module, and MobilPro III Handheld Terminal that allows working faster and for a longer time compared to the previous model are our most innovative and most demanded products.

What are Vectron’s plans for the future? 

Our working principles are to analyze all Vectron users demands and needs correctly, develop our products accordingly, and to produce solutions with our software without borders. To offer our sound and reliable POS solutions preferred by our customers together with various reports and support solutions in our Vectron cloud. And most importantly, to provide them with products enabling them to carry out their businesses in a better way.

You’ve been working with OMNI in Turkish market for 20 years; what do you think is the secret of your long term reletionship? 

In the advanced services industry of the present day, we believe that our business partners like OMNI who has strong and technically skilled personnel can provide our customers with the best support for the POS systems producing both online and offline detailed solutions. Our rather big and professional team in our headquarters in Münster works to produce and develop the best POS solutions. In this market that includes very different solutions, only an experienced and strong business partner like OMNI would be able to relay the distinctiveness of our solutions to the end users correctly. Through our 20-year continuous cooperation with OMNI, we keep serving thousands of happy Vectron POS Systems users in Turkey with our 3rd generation products.

What’s your comment on your brand’s position in the European and Turkish markets?

First of all, we follow the POS market developments very closely in order to have a say in the industry. For being able to see our position relative to the competitor firms, to compare prices and products, we participate in fairs. As Vectron, we have made a distinguished name for ourselves in the global arena by making new investments and selling our easy-to-use competitive products to numerous countries of the world. If we look at the market situation today, Vectron is one of the “top 10” POS systems producers in Europe, and the leader of the integrated POS producers. In Turkish market, on the other hand, combined with Omni’s experience and strength, we are one of the top 3 in the Restaurant POS industry, as far as I know.

What is your comment about the growth rate of the industry? 

Although technology advances with each passing day, the growth rate of the industry in Europe is slower compared to the past years. This growth is faster in Turkey than Europe. This is indicated by the sales made and the variety of those sales. In the fast-growing markets, you must take the correct steps in order to keep everything under control. Regardless of the situation, we have to retain our current customers by following the technology closely, and to act more competitively in our search for new customers. I think, as Vectron, we do it successfully.