Beyti Completes New Generation Transition with Omni-Vectron

“The place where meat turns into art for half a century” Beyti Restaurant continues with Omni Vectron…

Beyti’s journey, which started in Küçükçekmece in 1945, currently goes on in the Florya building that can host 450 people and adorned with traditional Ottoman-Turkish architecture and motifs. The restaurant consisting of 10 lounges and 3 terraces and 5 kitchens, hosts many different gatherings and meetings.

Beyti hosted Kings, Prime Ministers, Film Stars and many of the world’s high society members in the past and with its capacity to serve 450 people;  all staff constantly strive to create a flawless service and perfect environment in this unique establishment.

The business officials, who pays great importance to the meticulous and attentive service, also focus on their service that always provides convenience and comfort to their customers. They do not neglect their same approach when it comes to POS systems in their enterprises.

Beyti restaurant, which met with Omni POS systems 20 years ago, has renewed its system with Omni Vectron in February and carried out the transition to the new generation cash register.

Business owner Beyti GULER said “with Omni, we have had the opportunity to renew our ongoing collaboration with the new generation transition. Omni Sales team, with their knowledge and experience of uninterrupted technical support, provided us a seamless transition phase. This proved us that working with Omni once again was the right decision. “

The director of the Omni Sales and Customer Relations Department, Sevan OHANYAN commented on their co-operation with Beyti, saying; “We are particularly aware of our differences in the sector in large enterprises. Vectron POS is the world’s most advanced, most reliable integrated system, and Omni’s support for 7/24 is the most important factors for being preferred as a business partner. We are happy because of our cooperation with Beyti “he completed.

Omni-Vectron POS Systems continues to maintain its leading position in the sector by providing seamless POS automations with its integration capabilities.