Meat Moot is in the Middle East with Omni!

Omni continues to be the point of sale solution partner of Meat Moot, the famous meat restaurant of the Gulf region, at its branches in the Middle East. Nova, Omni’s Back Office Program, will participate in the management of Meat Moot’s branches using “Omni Vectron POS7” terminals.

Meat Moot opened up to the Middle East market with a rapid growth strategy after starting to work with Omni in Taksim, Istanbul. After branches in Taksim, Israel, Bahrain, Kuwait, Irbid, Amman, Erbil, Dubai, Cairo, Alexandria, Abu Dhabi, Libya, and Qatar, Meat Moot will continue to work with Omni in many branches they will open in Turkey, the Middle East, and USA.

Chef Saif Azmi Salaymeh
Chef Saif Azmi Salaymeh

Smoked flavor of meat: Meat Moot

Meat Moot Restaurant offers 36 hours of baked meat delicacies. The meats have a unique taste mixed with spices and special sauces. Smoked Meat and Roast Lamb (Smoked Meat & Roast Lamb) menus are served by the kilo or as a portion with the presentation of Chef Saif Azmi Salaymeh. Offering various types of meat by cooking with traditional cooking methods and innovative spices, the brand reflects its culture in the best way. Meat Moot, which offers smoked meats such as grilled ribs and breast, is increasing its reputation globally with its menu and quality.

“Meat Moot has good reasons to choose Omni”

Reha Dinçer - Meat Moot Manager
Reha Dinçer – Meat Moot Manager

Meat Moot manager Reha Dinçer said that Meat Moot’s preference for Omni was justified and added: “Omni is a brand that we have been following closely for a long time. Being the industry leader in POS solutions was effective in choosing Meat Moot. Meat Moot, a global brand, wanted to speed up its business with holistic optimizations in processes such as ordering, payment, and sales, thus increasing customer satisfaction. Omni includes features that can meet these demands in 360 degrees.”

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